2023 Leagues Cup Betting Trends: Lionel Messi’s Dominance and Inter Miami’s Semifinal Showdown

08.15.23 Mess Inter Miami Semi Final Leagues Cup

Lionel Messi’s awe-inspiring journey since joining Inter Miami CF for the MLS Leagues Cup has been nothing short of historic, with an impressive tally of eight goals across five matches. As anticipation builds, Messi and his teammates are set to face the Philadelphia Union in a tantalizing Leagues Cup semifinal scheduled for 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the other semifinal clash will pit Monterrey against Nashville SC, leading up to the highly-anticipated third-place and championship matches taking place on Saturday.

Messi’s Scoring Feat and Bettors’ Delight

Lionel Messi’s scintillating performances in the Leagues Cup have proven to be a goldmine for enthusiastic bettors, particularly in relation to his scoring prowess. With three instances of braces (two-goal performances), bettors have enthusiastically embraced his scoring prop bets, with public interest showing no signs of waning.

High Hopes for MLS Regular Season

Beyond the confines of the Leagues Cup, Messi’s remarkable displays have ignited a wave of excitement among bettors and fans alike, eagerly anticipating his impact in the upcoming MLS regular season. Remarkably, despite not yet notching an official league goal, Messi finds himself tied for the third-best odds to secure the coveted MLS Golden Boot award.

Injury Concerns Loom

While Messi’s stellar contributions have captured headlines, a recent injury scare sent ripples of concern among his fervent supporters. During a training session on Monday, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner appeared to injure his foot, prompting a collective breath-holding moment among fans. However, Inter Miami coach Tata Martino sought to allay fears, assuring that the incident was minor, and the team would have been in a state of panic had it been otherwise.

As the Leagues Cup action unfolds and Messi continues to make his mark, fans, bettors, and football enthusiasts alike are poised for an exhilarating ride through the MLS season and beyond.



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