“Tropical Storm Hilary Wreaks Havoc: Over 1,000 Flights Canceled in U.S. Chaos!”

Tropical Storm Hilary Wreaks Havoc. Over 1000 Flights Canceled in U.S. Chaos scaled

Tropical Storm Hilary Sparks Chaos: Over 1,000 Flights Canceled in U.S.

Tropical Storm Hilary has ignited a wave of disruption in the U.S., resulting in the cancellation of more than 1,000 scheduled flights over the weekend. The storm’s impact, concentrated in the western part of the country, has triggered widespread flight cancellations within, into, and out of the U.S. This turmoil comes as online flight tracker FlightAware reports at least 1,048 canceled flights across the nation.

The airports directly impacted by cancellations include Harry Reid International Airport with 170 canceled flights, San Diego International Airport with 120 cancellations, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with 66 grounded flights.

Adding to the chaos, a total of 4,771 U.S. flights have been delayed due to the menacing storm threat, as noted by the website. The disruptions stem from Tropical Storm Hilary’s landfall along Mexico’s Baja coast, unleashing torrential rain on Southern California. This event marks the first occurrence of a tropical storm hitting Southern California in 84 years, resulting in flash flooding warnings for 9 million residents.

Authorities in California and Nevada have taken swift action, declaring states of emergency in their respective regions. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo (R) mobilized 100 state National Guard members to southern Nevada as a precautionary measure in anticipation of the storm’s impact.

Governor Lombardo used social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to urge citizens to take necessary precautions, emphasizing preparedness to ensure the safety of families and loved ones. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Hilary’s fury persists, as it coincided with a magnitude 5.1 earthquake that shook Southern California’s Ventura County on Sunday afternoon. The storm’s force and seismic activity highlight the urgency for residents to stay informed and heed official instructions in order to stay safe amid the chaos.

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